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Written by: Domhnall Mc Gowan M.Sc. What is a Sporicide A sporicide (or sporicidal agent) is a chemical disinfectant which is effective at inactivating and eliminating spore forming bacteria. Spore forming bacteria are classed as the most resistant type of...


TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.® announces that it has passed the EN 17272 evaluation. The EN 17272 is the European standard for airborne room disinfection in the form of gas, steam and/or aerosol.

By passing the EN 17272, TOMI has enabled itself to participate in Europe’s medical, veterinary, chemical, and biological industries, positioning the Company to further its progress and capabilities in the international market.

During EN 17272 testing, TOMI demonstrated that it excels at meeting international standards. TOMI SteraMist products produced the best possible results in the three major categories that were tested: “phagocidal activities,” “distribution,” and “range of effectiveness.” We believe these successful results further establish SteraMist as the industry standard for disinfection.

During the “phagocidal activities” test, the SteraMist Environment System was used to disinfect bacteriophages (phiX174) with iHP being applied for 20 minutes. Instantly after the application and before dwell time, iHP achieved a maximum log reduction. The “distribution” testing used biological indicators (BIs) with Staphylococcus aureus that were placed in hard-to-reach areas. iHP was applied for 20 minutes and all BIs were inactivated with a six-log kill rate. The last test was conducted to determine the “range of effectiveness.” BIs were placed around the room with bacteria, yeast, and mycobacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Acinetobacter baumanii, Candida albicans, Mycobacterium terrae, and Mycobacterium avium). With the application of 20 minutes, all BIs were killed/inactivated with the maximum kill rate.

By once again passing the European standard for disinfection, TOMI is focused on expanding the international markets in which it operates. This expansion, in conjunction with the release of the Company’s new SteraPak product, positions TOMI for enhanced market recognition and continued growth.

Dr. Shane, CEO of TOMI, states, “TOMI is committed to continuous aggressive testing conducted by multiple domestic and international parties to prove that iHP disinfection technology is superior to other disinfectants on the market. With the passing of the EN 17272, the Company can further establish its international presence with SteraMist products, including its most recently launched product, the SteraPak, its most portable and cost-effective SteraMist system.”

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