SteraMist™ Makes a Big Difference in Efforts to Fight the Flu in a Delaware Hospital

SteraMist™ has recently been featured in an article on how one hospital in Delaware is managing to control the spread of the flu virus which has caused many deaths across the state.

Delaware Online, part of the USA Today Network, shared news of record high flu cases in the state and how Saint Francis Healthcare, located in Wilmington, DE, is managing to address the need to control this highly infectious and aggressive flu strain through the use of SteraMist™.

Dr. Sandra Gibney, assistant medical director of Saint Francis Healthcare’s emergency room, refers to this year’s flu as “a virus on steroids” and outlines a variety of containment methods currently being practiced within the hospital to keep patients, staff and visitors as healthy as possible. Dr. Gibney further explains how easy transmission is, not only through touch and shared surfaces, but also through airborne particles and how the hospital is staying ahead of an outbreak is to implement SteraMist™ – referred to as “the mister” – into disinfecting protocols. Because of its nature as an air and surface disinfectant, with proven efficacy against Influenza A, SteraMist™ reduces the spread of infectious viruses and adds an extra level of confidence in hospital staff concerned with managing the spread.

Dr. Gibney states, “It takes care of the airborne, as well as underneath and contact points you normally would not see, it has made a big difference as far as whether or not we can assure that we are not making people who aren’t sick, sick.”

Dr. Halden Shane, TOMI™ CEO, shared, “It is gratifying that Saint Francis, along with many other hospitals across our country and abroad, is finding success with our products. Our mission is to provide technology to secure a safer world and that includes addressing and containing these viruses at a local level. TOMI is proud to offer healthcare facilities an easy and effective disinfection solution.”

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. (“TOMI”) (OTCQX:TOMZ) is a global company that specializes in plasma science based disinfection/decontamination using its premier Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) platform to offer sales and services through the SteraMist™ brand of products. SteraMist™ is a low percentage hydrogen peroxide-based mist/fog registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) for use as a hospital-healthcare disinfectant.

Juliana deRosa
Executive Administrator