GMP compliant work for Licensed Producers, Medical Cannabis, Cleaning and disinfecting Grow Rooms

Our experienced team has worked with several LP’s and continue to work and support to meet the needs of this industry.

We understand your commitment to avoid contamination within your facility.

We use our pharma experience to assist and advise LP’s for best practices in their Grow Rooms.

We provide service for post construction cleaning, preparing your grow rooms for production and sporicidal cleaning of your rooms.


Initial Cleaning of DPPs
Initial Cleaning of GMP Areas
Aerial Lift Work
Tops of pods
Exterior walls of pods
Interior of pods
Floor cleaning
Clean /exchange air inside pods
RoomNutrient Room

Cleaning Services

Regular and periodic service
Aseptic cleaning
Protocol and SOP development
Aseptic cleaning
DPP cleaning
Sporicidal application
Hydrogen peroxide fogging
Utilizing foam to clean rooms
Utilizing best equipment and best practices

Supporting Cannabis Patient Health Through Innovative Disinfection

Commitment to infection control and patient satisfaction standards making your facility competitive.