At Vibraclean we are experienced in routine facility maintenance cleaning for different types of laboratory including:

Biosafety Laboratories
Incubator Laboratories
Production Laboratories
Analytical and Quality Laboratories
Research and Development (R&D) Laboratories
Clinical, Medical Laboratories (pathology, serology, histology, virology, bacteriology and molecular biology)

All Vibraclean GMP cleaners are trained not to disturb laboratory equipment and bench top items while cleaning.

All Vibraclean GMP cleaners pass Canadian Police criminal record checks.

Vibraclean can follow your existing Scope of Works and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or can help review and create new ones.

Vibraclean GMP cleaning team leaders oversee and assess the work of cleaners daily. Vibraclean GMP cleaning supervisors evaluate work onsite at regular intervals and submit reports to nominated recipients.

Vibraclean GMP cleaning management inspects areas randomly, investigates complaints and takes corrective action.

Vibraclean GMP laboratory cleaning focuses on removing contaminants from:
Benches (free surfaces and undersides).
Equipment exteriors.
Windows and sills (internal).
Lights and ceilings.
Removal of build-up and scuff marks and apply protective coatings on vinyl and hard floors

We are compliant with our customers proprietary SOP’s servicing their Laboratories 365 days per year.

For new customers SOP’s can be developed , edited for any of our services for best industry practices and continued compliance.