About TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. (TOMI) is a provider of infection prevention and decontamination products and services.

The Company is focused primarily on life sciences, including healthcare, bio-safety, pharmaceutical, clean-room and research.

The Company provides environmental solutions for indoor and outdoor surface decontamination through the sale of equipment, services and licensing of its SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology (BIT), which is a hydrogen peroxide based mist and fog. BIT technology is the platform that runs its SteraMist equipment.

This technology is developed for the neutralization of anthrax spores. SteraMist BIT is a hospital-healthcare disinfectant that is used as a misting/fogging agent. BIT is a two-step process that aerosolizes and activates a low concentration hydrogen peroxide solution producing a fine aqueous mist that contains a high concentration of Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS), mostly hydroxyl radicals.